Carving out a Recreation Space at Home

Has it ever occurred to you that your lawn or garden is not nearly enough as a recreational space in your home? In our hyper productive society, we are often focused on productivity, working harder, making more money, buying bigger homes, but no one thinks about stepping back a little and just relaxing after a busy day without necessarily having to go out with friends or travel on a vacation.

To meet this need for a place to chill out at home without having to necessarily spend too much, many people are beginning to adopt the idea of including a room within their homes just for recreation or chilling. This is different from the gym or a personal bedroom. It’s a dedicated space where you can relax, forget about all of work/ life’s stress, and just be at peace.

If you find this idea appealing, then here are two tips on how you can carve out your own “chill space” at home:

  • Find a suitable space: It could be your basement if it’s not too cluttered up, an unused guest room, or you could even carve out a part of your living room with plywood (if it’s big enough). It’s important to note that in choosing a space, it should be as isolated as possible to reduce the likelihood of disturbance. Silence is important when you’re trying to relax, so this is something you should factor in when choosing a suitable part of your home. The size is also dependent on what exactly your plans are; if you want an exclusive and private area, then you don’t need something too large. However, if you’re willing to occasionally share the space with friends or family, then you should consider something a little on the big side.
  • Light it up: Now that you’ve identified the area, it’s time to set things up. This part is majorly up to you because it is your space and so what it should look like is completely dependent on you. However, there are some sensible suggestions that have worked for other people in the past. Consider painting the interior with the colour blue. Various studies by psychologists have shown that blue has a sort of relaxing effect on the mind. But more importantly, go with (a) colour(s) that work(s) for you. You may also want to consider including an audio system; the right kind of music has been known to work wonders in soothing the mind. If you have any hobbies that help you zone out and relax, they are welcome here too; game consoles and others are a good idea.

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